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Who are we?

MindIsle LLC specializes in family games, party games, and game puzzle experiences requiring some mental exercise.

The founders, John and Jaayden Halko are software engineers, game designers and brothers. John, the game designer, has created and imagined game experiences for over 20 years, mostly for private events. Jaayden, the producer, has refined the portfolio and brought several concepts to life digitally and Juliana Halko, our Co-Founder, has been here to support us with back-end development, and the direction of our marketing and growth efforts. Read More about our team members in our About page.


The MindIsle team is excited to develop the best innovative mind-simulating designs, both as physical and digital products.


Fourzy is a board/puzzle game where the goal is to connect four or more game pieces in arow by sliding the pieces onto a square board with an 8x8 or 10x10 grid. The pieces can slide onto the board from any of the 4 edges of the board. The game is played in a variety of themed areas with obstacles/tokens that correspond to that area. These tokens can havea variety of game effects such as changing the directly of movement, destroying a piece, stopping a piece or adding status effects to game pieces. Game boards layouts are procedurally generated to add variety to the gameplay. Fourzy is both a physical boardgame and a cross-platform digital game intended to be available on Apple Appstore,Google Play, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. The digital version is free to play and containsboth hard and soft virtual currencies. Players have the ability to collect and upgrade their game pieces called Fourzies. There are additional areas that can be unlocked with virtual currencies or by reaching a specified progression point in the game.

Hang Ten

Hangten is a dexterity-based game where the player slides a disk across a table and gets points based on how far the disk hangs over the edge of the table. In the digital version ofthe game, there are variety of targets such as quadrilaterals, ellipsis, lines, triangles and scoring is based on what percentage of the disk lands in the target area. There can be moving or stationary obstacles to increase the difficulty of sliding the disk to the target area. Hangten is a physical game consisting of 3d printed, injection molded or machined disks. Hangten is a mobile game for touch screen devices built using Unity and intended to be available on Apple Appstore and Google Play.

Lost Llama

Lost Llama/Flipout is a single player puzzle game consisting of 2-sided tiles with containing path segments. The goal of each level is to flip the tiles to create a path from the starting tile to the ending tile. The overall game is a linear progression of levels broken up into separate chapters. Flipout is a physical boardgame and a digital game intended to be available on Apple Appstore, Google Play and Nintendo Switch


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